Ladies Tattoos: Girls Tattoos

Girls Tattoos, Girls Tattoo, Girls Tattoos, and my Old Gran used to say that a lady in the true sense doesn't exist anymore. Well I think yer all Ladies here on hubpages and besides my Old Gran cursed like a trooper and drank like a fish,
Anyways peeps today I am bringing you a collection of all different tattoos in this Girls Tattoos hub and I can assure you there will be 6 of the most stunning ladies tattoos that will blow you away, well obviously not blow ya away, I just stuck that phrase in to make my hub look good, jeeez it needs something to make it look good.
Right I am off to the canteen to get my tea, yeah my holidays are over and I am back to work, if any rich women are reading and are lookin a personal slave email me ok, then I won't have to write a girls tattoos hub. Enjoy the 6 ladies tattoos photos and do also enjoy my usual lil video at the end, right I gotta go, moi tea is ready !!
An angel tattoo on a redhead angel, jeeez I have died and gone to heaven !
Nice lil ladies tattoo sayin " I'm so Happy", jeeez lookin at her tattoo has made me happy for sure.

A snake designed as an anchor, I just love the imagination behind this ladies tattoo, love it !

Love this koi fish tattoo on the shoulder, jeeez tis one stunning ladies tattoo for sure, I almost feel like going fishing !

Wowwwwww this is deff my fav ladies tattoo, just look at the artwork put into this dragon tattoo, totally stunning.
And for the last of my ladies tattoos this amazing tribal dragon tattoo, gotta say I love the tribal tattoos, I wud be a really cool tribesman.