Best Tattoo Placement for Girls

Now that we have gotten what NOT to put on your body, let's take a look on WHERE to strategically place a smokin' hot tattoo:


If you are a piece of ass and want to look like a Rock Star, and are thinking about getting a tattoo, you simply cannot go wrong with getting it in either one of these two places (or possibly even both). I actually think the tattoo at the base of the spine is getting a little "played out". Personally, if you have long hair, like Gisele here, you're a hot chick to boot, and you want to get a tattoo, you really need to get one here. It's fucking hot, trust me. If I saw you out, and you had a pony tail, and I saw a small little tattoo of something unique and cool, I would be all over your shit; and, I wouldn't think it was slutty either. I would think it's super-hot. Remember one thing (and this is highly imperative): keep it small, **AND** make sure its 100% symmetrical!!! If it's not symmetrical, it throws off the entire balance of your body and will look like shit. The tat at the base of the spine is incredibly hot as well, but only if you follow the instructions for the aforementioned "back of neck" design. The tat at the base of the spine makes for a nice "target" if you know what I mean (wink, wink). Both are incredibly sexy.


First and foremost, you need to have a nice solid, ghetto booty for this one. If you don't, and have a flat saggy ass like that ragged hag Kimberly Stewart, stick to another body area. Because, for the most part, it will look like shit, and you'll end up being mistaken for for a heroin addict. It can be a hot look though, again, as long as it's symmetrical and not shitty design.


You gotta be careful here. Too much of one thing on one side of your body can look like crap. It would be the equivalent of throwing all your furniture on one side of the room. But, Jessica Biel has one in this spot, so, go for it.


The Whatever. Been there, done that. Cheesy girls in college usually have dolphins swimming little circles around there ankles. Or some tacky vine, curling vertically up their leg. If you want to really be setting a trend, get one on the top of your foot. Only, however, if you have cute feet and no bunions. This would look really hot with a wedge sandal, fyi.

And, now, where NOT to put a tattoo:


"Do you want to look like you've been hangin' in the allys, suckin' cock for a living? Do you want to look like you need your next fix of crack cocaine? Do you want to look like you live in a double-wide trailer having to avoid tornados and a beatin' by your step-dad on a daily basis? Do you want to look like even more of a whore than Angelina Jolie? If you answered yes, to any of these questions, then this is the area you want to get your tattoo. Don't blame me, however, if they make a Lifetime Original Movie out of your life at some point in the future. " (THESE ARE ACTUAL THINGS I'VE HEARD FROM CLUELESS PEOPLE OVER THE YEARS!!!!) - - - PERSONALLY, I THINK A TATTOO ANYWHERE IS PRETTY DAMN HOT!!!