Eagle Tattoos

Eagle tattoos are common choices for men and women who serve as police officers, firefighters, soldiers, or other service members.

Eagles are also often accompanied by word banners, particularly if the tattoo is done as a memorial or tribute to someone. Words such as freedom, strength, and liberty are popular choices added to banners or underneath a tattoo of an eagle.

Images of eagles have played important roles throughout history in many different lands, appearing in various emblems.

In ancient Greece, the eagle was worshiped and associated with the Sun god, while in Norse mythology, eagles were said to be associated with the god Odin, who represented wisdom.

In Native American cultures, the free-spirited eagle is deeply revered and their feathers were often given as a sign of pride, security or friendship.

Eagle tattoos can be done in many different creative ways and found just about anywhere on the body.

The most common area for this type of tattoo is the upper arm, followed by the shoulders, and the upper and lower back areas.

The back is a great location for designs of eagles with their wings fully spread as if in flight. If the design is large enough, detailed feathers are usually the main feature of the tattoo, which gives the eagle a realistic appearance.

Eagles can also be done as smaller designs, featuring only the head of the bird, or even done in tribal-style completely in black.

They can also be worked into leg or armbands, or as a part of another design.

Some eagles are tattooed in flight, as if swooping in on their prey, complete with sharp talons, and of course the internet and many tattoo shops are full of images of the majestic eagle in varying poses.

If patriotism is an integral part of the tattoo, red, white, and blue will be prominent colors, in addition to the various shades of browns and beige for the eagle itself.

An eagle can also be incorporated into many backgrounds and mountainous nature scenes, or along with other types of wildlife.

Face Paint Recipes

These easy face paint recipes show how to make homemade face paint using common household ingredients. Mix and store in baby food jars or discarded film canisters. Be ready for your next kids party or dress-up event.


Facepaint Recipe #1

1 tsp. Cornstarch

½ tsp. Cold cream

½ tsp. Water

Food coloring (variety of colors)

Mix together cornstarch and cold cream until well blended. Add water and stir. Add food coloring one drop at a time until you get the desired color.

Facepaint Recipe #2

3 tblsps. Cornstarch

1 tblsp. Flour

3/4 cup Karo light corn syrup

1/4 cup water

½ tsp. Liquid food coloring

Mix cornstarch and flour together in a bowl. Gradually stir in Karo syrup and water until smooth. Divide mixture into individual containers as needed and tint each one with the food coloring of your choice. Leave one batch untinted.


Clown Make-up

Blend on a paper plate:

2 tblsp. shortening

5 tsps. cornstarch

1 tsp. flour

Dab of Vaseline

Add food coloring for various colors.


Fake Blood for Halloween Party Make-up

Karo brand corn syrup

Red and blue food coloring


Add some red food coloring to the corn syrup, then just a drop or two of blue to get a more realistic dark color. Milk will make the blood appear more opaque and more realistic.

Note: This mixture is sticky and can stain clothes.


More Fun Make-up Tips:

To lightly blacken faces, carefully burn a cork and when cool, rub on the face.

For a ghoulish look, add a dusting of flour to already made up faces.

For a stubbly bearded look, sprinkle tobacco over a thin layer of vaseline.

All About the Seahorse Tattoo Designs

There is nothing quite like a tattoo, and a seahorse tattoo design is especially interesting. Aquatic themes in tattoo designs are extremely popular. Examples of sea life, such as fish, dolphins, whales and seahorses have been becoming increasingly popular. Such tattoos can symbolize many things, including fertility.

Whale and dolphin tattoos have long been a staple of life among sailors. Something about such creatures lends itself to mystery and legend. Mankind has always had a fascination with the sea. Although whale and dolphin tattoo designs are fairly popular, seahorse tattoo designs rank fairly high on the popularity list as well.

Seahorse tattoo designs can be very eye catching and attention grabbing. They are also unlikely to cause any sort of embarrassment or controversy, unlike some tattoos. It may be an excellent choice for you, especially if you want a socially acceptable tattoo on an easily visible part of your body. If you are considering getting a cool seahorse tattoo to flash for your friends, family or coworkers, or just for your own personal enjoyment, it might be a good idea to know the symbolism behind the idea first, though.

Among women, the seahorse tattoo design is often considered to be a cute emblem. They are small and pretty and seem perfect to make a woman feel more feminine and sexy. Also, a lot of people, when they see a seahorse tattoo design, think of a knight in shining armor on a horse. Many women dream of such fairy tales as having to be rescued in such a way. Therefore, the seahorse tattoo design is sometimes used to indicate a single woman who is looking for her prince or knight still. Of course, should the woman find her prince, she still will have the seahorse tattoo for years to come.

A seahorse tattoo design can be fairly small. Many women, especially, like it because it can be placed anywhere on their body and easily hidden. It is often considered a good tattoo for someone who is a bit of a free spirit. After all, seahorses swim free in the ocean, without a care. If you feel a bit constrained by modern society, but you are afraid to actively spread your wings, a small seahorse tattoo might be a good somewhat rebellious compromise.

Men who sport a seahorse tattoo design often do so to represent their protectiveness. It is often a symbol worn by a man who either is a father or is considered to be a fatherly guide in someone's life. This may stem from the fact that male seahorses, not females, protect the babies.

Some people choose to get a seahorse tattoo design simply to represent the fact that they love the water. Whatever your reason is for getting one, you will be sure to enjoy having a seahorse tattoo design to flash to friends and family in years to come.

Nude Art

Scandalous! Shocking! Without modesty! Nudity has been portrayed without shame throughout history and has been met with varying criticism depending on the time and culture.

Early Nude Art

Ever since early cave paintings the natural human form has been portrayed in its full unclothed glory. This was just how the artists saw his fellow people, and depending on the region, people wore very little anyway. Since then societies have presented the nude form in paintings, drawing, photography, and any other media. This either demonstrates humanity's strong sexual nature, or just a propensity for making aesthetically pleasing artwork, or perhaps a combination of the two.

Perhaps no society was more naked in its art than Pompeii. This ancient Roman city would meet its doom at the wrath of Mount Vesuvius when the volcano erupted and wreaked havoc on the city below. The city would be covered and ruined by the lava flow but an 18th century find would uncover remnants of a forgotten world, including the remains of many of its inhabitants exactly how they met their fiery demise.

The society shows no sign of bashfulness in its many frescoes and surviving statues. In them you'll find depicted sexual acts, more sex, sex, and just plenty of nudity. Being an ancient Roman city, they often depicted gods and goddesses in their art. The most risque probably being Priapus, the god of fertility. Also of interest are the many statues from early Pompeii, which today may raise a few eyebrows. These are no Michelangelo's "David," if you know what I mean.


Further through art history, namely long after the invention of oil painting and when art drifted away from a dominant religious tone, nudity was a common thing. Retouching on the ancient themes, pederasty in Roman mythology in paintings and sculpture, carnal love, and in general sexuality (sometimes not so delicate) were painted time and again. This was perceived usually as good taste. Of course, that wasn't always the general consensus.

In Michelangelo's career, he painted the human form realistically and without apologies. The subtle homo-erotic tones of the Sistene's ceiling probably went straight over the head of the pope and any other religious leader for that matter. The musculature of the male form painted in detail and the poses of the many male figures probably would have been omitted from a religious painting. The olives resembling certain parts of anatomy were perhaps there as a joke or subtle reference.

In the case of Caravaggio, his pubescent cupid displayed in "Amor Vincet Omnia" or Love Conquers All , would in these days be met with hostility, and the artist considered a pedophile. But in those days, the nude form young and old was nothing to shy from, and the boy was simply another model paid to pose. Caravaggio's painting is characteristic of his work, steering clear of the idealized subjects, instead showing a common street boy, crooked teeth and all.

Much modern debate has come over Amor's primary owner keeping the painting behind a curtain. While some say that he was embarrassed of the supposed eroticism and kept it hidden, others say that covering a painting is meant to keep it as a piece de resistance, to be uncovered only after the rest of the artwork was shown, as the best of show.

Borderline Pornography

It probably wasn't until the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe, particularly Victorian times of the 19th century when nudity in art started to seem inappropriate. In an age when even in the summer one must cover themselves with layer upon layer, and sexual matters altogether were strictly taboo, its no wonder the paintings were more G rated. This isn't to say that the subtle was absent. Take the Fragonard painting The Swing. It was also called "The Happy Accidents of the Swing." Humorously showing a glimpse up a dress, an unquestionable infidelity, and a cupid statue with a "hush" gesture all show this French painting's sexual symbolism.

Tame by today's standards, The Swing was quite sultry in its day. Going further into the beginning of the nineteenth century, Goya would make a breakthrough in erotic art and paint the first showing of pubic hair. Take "The Naked Maja" which was the complement to the Clothed Maja. Both paintings are wrapped in mystery, as to who the model is and who the intended recipient, but most people conjecture Fransisco was romantically involved with the sitter. Either way, it would get the artist into much trouble. It even got him fired from a lucrative court position, as a result of the Spanish Inquisition deeming the painting obscene.

Later we continue to have scandals resulting from a repressed mass of people. This John Singer Sargent painting called "Madame X" was originally painted with one shoulder strap off and on her arm. Mothers cover your children's eyes, they'll be scarred for life! Sargent later had to repaint the strap in it's correct position, to appease the prudish public.

In the nineteenth century, the "Father of American Painting" Thomas Eakins would be in hot water for removing the loincloth of a nude model in an art class. One of the girls promptly told her parents of such a horrible thing, which would lead to Eakins' removal from professorship at the Pennsylvania Academy. Eakins wasn't ashamed of the naked human body and frequently shot many nude photos, even posing nude himself on the other end of the camera as well. His paintings sometimes had nudity in them as well.

Subtle Undertones?

Modern photography is rife with naked forms ranging from the sexually charged to the artistic erotica. Modern advertisement also has subliminal sexual undertones for its psychological value, portraying people in borderline explicit poses and gestures in an effort to maximize effectiveness. Sex sells!

Speaking of sex selling, the paintings of Rembrandt van Rijn have been known to contain subliminal messages to reach the subconscious. The Dutch word for sex has been found in the underpaintings of several works written in large, barely visible letters. The painting of the Militia of Captain Cocq could possibly have a deep subconscious image. The shadow of a hand on the other man's crotch? Captain who? Interesting.

Modern and Contemporary Nudity

Painting in the modern day, especially at art schools involves the female nude for a variety of reasons. Besides its classical and/or romantic value, the female body is generally a good subject to paint for its curves and contours, giving the student valuable practice in form and shape. One may say that society has come a long way since Fragonard's Swing painting. But at the same time it is not that probable that a painting of a school teacher skinny dipping with his students would be generally accepted, at least not in modern America.

So times change, as well as views on sexuality, nudity, and the human body. Each society and culture has its own views, and inside each has subcultures with differing views and values, such as nudist camps. It also matters which part of the world you're from, as a nudist beach in France is more the norm than a nudist beach in New Jersey.

No matter what day and age, boys will be boys and seek the naked drawings in art books, erotically charged paintings will turn us on, subtle sexual undertones may touch our subconscious and we will always have nude paintings on our walls for whatever the perceived value.

Five Popular Animal Tattoos For Women

There are many amazing types of tattoos for women, but animal tattoos are among the most popular. Many women feel a special connection to one animal. Sometimes people call this animal their totem animal. This is a bit of a misnomer because a totem animal is more like a family crest or a flag. Totems usually represent a family or group you are a part of. For a tattoo though, most women want something that represents them; after all, a tattoo decorates your body.

Animal tattoos for women are personal. You may have a design idea all picked out based on your feeling of being attuned with one animal. If not you might consider these popular animal tattoos and what they mean traditionally.

1. Butterfly tattoos - Butterflies traditionally represent the beauty and impermanence of life. A butterfly only lives for a short time but is one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. Butterflies also represent transformation as they emerge from their chrysalis, having transformed from their caterpillar form.

2. Dragonfly tattoos - Dragonflies similarly are associated with summer and living your life to the fullest because dragonflies live for a summer and then die in the fall. They are also associated with luck and prosperity. Dragonflies are fast and strong and so dragonfly tattoos for women can represent change for the better.

3. Dolphins tattoos - Dolphins, like dragonflies are fast and strong, but a dolphin tattoo also represents intelligence and sense of humor. Dolphin tattoos for women also symbolize being a free spirit and having fun. If you want to remind yourself to have fun and follow your dreams a dolphin tattoo could be a great choice.

4. Bird tattoos - Like flowers, each type of bird has its own unique symbolism so its difficult to summarize the meanings of all different types of bird tattoos. The blue bird of happiness is one of the most popular tattoos for women. A magical phoenix tattoo represents renewal and rebirth, remaking yourself. Swallow tattoos are traditional, but exactly why isn't clear. Sailors use to get swallow tattoos after having made a successful trip across the ocean because a swallow is often the first sign sailors would see that land was approaching. Swallows also migrate and return back home each year. If you think about it swallows represent freedom and travel and not forgetting your roots. Pretty nice tattoo design.

5. Cat tattoos - Cats are many women's favorite animals, so a cat tattoo is a natural choice. Cats are strong, powerful, and graceful. Beautiful tattoos for women could be of a large cat like a tiger, lion, or a leopard or even a tattoo of your own house cat. Cats are so expressive; you could consider the type of mood you want your cat tattoo to express. You could get a tattoo of a cat curled up sleeping or a leaping or stalking cat.

Whatever kind of tattoo you end up getting, remember you are going to have to live with this design for the rest of your life. Choosing a tattoo design idea is just the beginning of the process. Once you have an idea you need to think about the drawing style you want, how to make it personal for you, and then find a great tattoo artist.

Megan Fox With Supergirl Body Painting Deisgn

Megan Fox With Supergirl Body Painting Deisgn

Well, there have been a lot of rumors saying it is fake just based on the picture and I think I have to agree. Of course, no one can deny that the Megan Fox Supergirl picture isn’t hot as hell and definitely well crafted.

There are a bunch of rumors that it was mainly to get publicity and then also Megan Fox also joked about it on SNL this past week saying that you shouldn’t believe everything you see on the internet.

But the body paint does look pretty real… honestly, I don’t know and honestly, I’m not sure if I can care, the Megan Fox Superman body paint picture looks hot.

Sexy Heidi Klum Dressed Only in T-Shirt Body Painting

Sexy Heidi Klum Dressed Only in T-Shirt Body Painting

Heidi seems to be wearing a tight t-shirt with bikini bottoms, but she is really nak#d and covered up in some sexy hot but tasteful body paint.

Bikini Body Painting Used A Sexy Asian Model

Bikini Body Painting Used A Sexy Asian Model

Most of women have a hard enough time being confident enough to go to the beach in a bikini, this women not used a bikini but body painting.

Asian Babe In Motor Show Body Painting

Asian Babe In Motor Show Body Painting

Asian Babe In Motor Show Body Painting

This Art Body Painting A Very Beautiful Sight To Be Forgotten

This Art Body Painting A Very Beautiful Sight To Be Forgotten

This Art Body Painting A Very Beautiful Sight To Be Forgotten

Goose Design Body Painting In Her Sexy Body

Goose Design Body Painting In Her Sexy Body

Goose Design Body Painting In Her Sexy Body

Pretty Girl In Action On Great Photoshoot

Pretty Girl In Action On Great Photoshoot

Pretty Girl In Action On Great Photoshoot
 Sun Flower Art Body Painting In Her Sexy Hot Body

Sun Flower Art Body Painting In Her Sexy Hot Body

more sexy pic's "sun flower body painting"
http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_wh8YC13s0ic/SfxxWzAlljI/AAAAAAAAC54/S7rJwYfKZiw/s400/Beautiful_Art_on_Sexy_Body__33.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_wh8YC13s0ic/SfxxFex1q7I/AAAAAAAAC5o/NRMFBy4Gl9k/s400/Beautiful_Art_on_Sexy_Body__31.jpg

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_wh8YC13s0ic/SfxxFTweytI/AAAAAAAAC5g/6g2wP-n1QXE/s400/Beautiful_Art_on_Sexy_Body__26.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_wh8YC13s0ic/SfxxFHnJCII/AAAAAAAAC5Y/1RlrL9HO0sM/s400/Beautiful_Art_on_Sexy_Body__25.jpg

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_wh8YC13s0ic/SfxxE8HcfdI/AAAAAAAAC5I/hgt4ah6cFlI/s400/Beautiful_Art_on_Sexy_Body__23.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_wh8YC13s0ic/SfxxEwF1SxI/AAAAAAAAC5Q/6gLAql3cu8E/s400/Beautiful_Art_on_Sexy_Body__24.jpg

Beautiful Art Body Painting On Her Sexy Body

Beautiful Art Body Painting On Her Sexy Body

Beautiful Art Body Painting On Her Sexy Body

Body Paint and Bibles

I love traveling, not the fact of going somewhere else, but the action of traveling from one place to another. My fascination is of being anonymous, and of course the time spent “people watching”. This is often done alone, which I think is more entertaining as you are not distracted from the serious business of observing.

Two journeys this year, one to the UK and one day trip to Barcelona.

The UK bound trip started with the normal commotion I always achieve at airports. This is caused by the habit of wearing as much as I can to avoid carrying it or more to the point paying the dreaded extortionate fees “excess baggage” what an awful term...nothing I carry is excess to my needs! So off go the alarms, I could offer my services to test their equipment because no matter what I remove I always set the systems blaring. After the “pat down” with nothing found to attribute to the noise I always hear myself apologise! With the current state of the world I am not complaining about these security measures I just would like to get through, just once, without this hullabaloo!

Then homeward bound, the UK airport tempted me with Marks and Spencer food outlet just before you go through customs control. Great idea, buy lunch, and a few presents to bring back, a thought of what you are allowed to have in hand luggage I avoided drinks but settle on a sandwich, fruit, biscuits etc plus cheeses and chutneys for friends. So I discover this is a ploy by airport staff to get free lunches, they confiscated the lot. Nowhere could I see on the list of banned items M&S lunch! I wanted to say “stop let me back over the barrier and I will eat it first” but the fear of not being let through to travel was greater than hunger.

The day trip to Barcelona was just as eventful for different reasons. An unscheduled change of trains half way meant a different set of traveling companions. Sitting ourselves by the door, with an empty seat in front and two to the side, the carriage was almost full. Then, three young, smartly dressed men boarded, taking up the only empty seats. The first oddness I noticed they all wore the same jackets and had name badges so without further thought I assumed they were security or police. Then I saw the bibles they all started to read as we started out of the station. With an hours non stop journey to Barcelona in a full carriage, we start to realize that our traveling companions had a mission or should I say, they were missionaries. Within minutes they struck up conversation with us.

Caught off guard, but fascinated to understand why these three young American men were in Spain. To counter their obvious objective to discuss The Lord, we asked them many questions on their background, my friend and I taking it in turn to question them. The first thought that ran through my head was the “good cop bad cop” ploy we naturally adopted. The friend was gentle in the questioning I was not so! Why was I allowing myself to be drawn into this exchange? Not wanting my religious believes to be questioned or was I feeling confronted?

With the journey over, ahead of us the serious task of shopping. We starting walking from the station in the crowds of city folks going about their business. I could not believe what I saw next, as nobody else seemed to notice, I began to wonder if my eyes deceived me. “Did you see that”? “Was he wearing anything”? Not a pretty sight, just a man with clothes painted on his naked body. To add to the amusing spectacle...not a head was turned. Just like the earlier time in the train carriage I felt the day was going to be different, and it certainly was!

Maybe that is the reason I love traveling, you cannot control what you may encounter only how you react to it.

Dragonfly Tattoo Designs - The Winged Beauty of Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

For females, it's hard to find any tattoos that have grown in popularity as quickly and decisively as dragonfly tattoo designs. Dragonflies have always been a mystical part of human culture, but only recently have they found such an upswell in popularity growth among tattoo aficionados. Along with fairies, hearts, and tribal designs, they have becomes the top of the popular food chain for female tattoo designs. Go into any dance club in South Beach, and you'll find dozens of waif thin model wannabes with dragonflies soaring in place on their lower backs and hips, each of them standing out among the others with their unique grace and beauty. Here is a look at the dragonfly and what this noble insect means to those who have them on their body.

Butterflies and dragonflies are popular tattoo subjects not only because of their respective beauty, but because of what they represent to the world. Often, when a girl is seeking out their first tattoo, it is symbolic of some change they are going through in their lives. Both butterflies and dragonflies go through a metamorphosis to reach the heights of beauty they are best known for. Similarly, this can be used as a powerful analogy for those girls who are going through change themselves. If a girl is just getting out of the house and on her own, a dragonfly tattoo design can represent that change. Same goes for getting married, or even divorced. The dragonfly is a potent symbol of change in a young female's life.

Not only do dragonfly tattoo designs represent change, with their gigantic wing spans and soaring elegance, they also represent freedom. Many young women feel a powerful need to assert their independence when they are becoming young adults. Part of this is the reason for getting a tattoo in the first place. It is a distinctly adult thing to do, a way of declaring one's adulthood and freedom from their strict upbringing. In this way, the dragonfly is an extension of this statement, a piece of art meant to declare one's freedom to the world.

Dragonfly tattoo designs have only recently come into such sharp popularity, but it is certain that this is no fad destined to go away. If you've been thinking about getting a tattoo that represents your desire for independence, freedom, and change, the dragonfly could be the perfect one for you.

The Simpson With Art Body Painting

The Simpson With Art Body Painting

The Simpson With Art Body Painting

The Inspiration Costume For Cop With Body Painting

The Inspiration Costume For Cop With Body Painting

The Inspiration Costume For Cop With Body Painting

Promotional Body Painting Girls For Van Ggh Vodka

Promotional Body Painting Girls For Van Ggh VodkaPromotional Body Painting Girls For Van Ggh Vodka

This was done in October 04 to promote Van Gogh Vodka. Picture shows Jeff Fenech and promotional girls.

Advertise With Art Body Painting

Advertise With Art Body Painting

Promotional corporate body painting at Darling Harbour.

Sexy Model With Great Body Painting Was On The Cover Of a Magazine

Sexy Model With Great Body Painting Was On The Cover Of a Magazine

This whole outfit is art body painting including the lace effect and was on the cover of a magazine.