Get Inked With Body Art - The Beauty of Tribal Tiger Tattoos

Mean, bold, fierce - some of the attributes associated with a tiger tattoo. The symbolism of the tiger does not end here, however. Invincibility, might and power may also come to mind when one encounters an image of this beautiful animal.

In Japan, the tiger is paired with the dragon to signify the yin and the yang or heaven and earth. Koreans view this animal as the leader of the jungle, as compared to the lion which leads the animal world in Africa.

Different countries hold different meanings for the tiger. One thing is certain though. Tigers symbolize power and strength. It is for this reason that this animal is one of the most famous images used by people as the object of their tattoos.

Tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike have favored this mighty beast not only because of the meticulous and artistic talent it would need to draw the image on skin but also because of the meaning it could hold for the person who wears it.

Some people prefer having only the face of the tiger. Some would want it in a creative pose or in action. There are those who want to have it in black and white, and those who would rather have it in full color across a wonderful landscape.

The beauty of this tattoo is that you have the freedom to be creative and artistic with the position, size, and design and add images to it. Tribal patterns and lines are definitely one way to spice up and add more beauty to the tiger tattoo.

Tribal tattoo designs are so attractive that men and women prefer it. Tribal patters around the face of the tiger for example, may make the tiger look like its one fire, giving it a fiercer look to it. Tiger stripes in black and white may blend well with the tribal patterns that may look like stripes as well.

Tribal tiger tattoos could symbolize more because the tribal drawings are very crucial for different minority groups. This would not only make your tattoo more attractive and interesting, it would also add symbolisms and maybe capture your personality in this simple tattoo style.

People also prefer tribal tiger tattoos to be put on the arm or across the chest. For women, it would be more stunning to have it at the back, below the neck or at the lower back. There are women who say that they think it makes them more bold and courageous to have it on one arm. Similarly, men can have it across their backs also. This gives enough space for a full drawn tiger or even one that is in action. The tribal patterns would add detail and personality to your tattoo design.

It is no wonder that tribal tiger tattoos are favored by a lot of people. Sometimes, it can serve as a lovely reminder that you too can be like this beautiful fierce animal - very strong, courageous, and definitely fueled by power.