Back Butterfly Tattoos Can Transform Your Appearance

So after what seems like forever, you've finally decided to get a butterfly tattoo. Now your dilemma lies in the question where to put it? Before spending another lifetime answering your question here are some suggestions for you that can help you a lot in the all too important decision-making. After all, as the saying goes, if you have it, flaunt it.

1. Arm butterfly tattoos

A couple of small butterflies in tribal designs are the best if you want to have the tattoo in your arms. Since the space is limited, the tribal design with only one color can create a beautiful artistry in your arms.

2. Ankle butterfly tattoos

Some ladies want to have a permanent anklet and one of the most popular ankle tattoo designs are butterflies. An ankle butterfly tattoo can never go wrong whether you're casually or formally dressed because the little butterflies circling around your ankle is absolutely feminine. Ankle tattoos are great as well for the ladies who love using different kinds of shoes as the butterfly tattoo can get the attention of others. And when the tattoo is noticed, the shoes will follow.

3. Back butterfly tattoos

Back butterfly tattoos are best for those who want a larger and much more intricate butterfly design. One advantage in back butterfly tattoos is that the image of butterflies is proportioned therefore your spine can be the main outline for the center of the butterfly. Back butterfly tattoos are generally more colorful than the others. Since the image is large, the different colors of the butterfly wings can truly make a dramatic effect.

Of course, you can choose other areas in your body where you'll place your butterfly tattoo. The important thing here is that you'll make the decision on your own since it's your body decoration.