Virgo Tattoo Designs

Virgo tattoo designs are far and few between out there, so you're probably struggling a little to find an appropriate design that you're happy with. If you were born between 24th August & 22nd September, then western Astrology makes you a Virgoan.

The symbol associated with your astrological sign is the virgin. Now, you may or may not want that symbol as your tattoo. If you don't what other choices are open to you?

Well, you could have the glyph for Virgo (the short-hand symbol, that astrologer's use). This is quite unusual, it looks like an 'm' but the last leg has another' leg' crossed over it. Any tattoo online gallery will have a picture of it.

Of course, you could just have the word 'virgo'. Many online gallery sites have this sort of thing on their databases, in lots of different handwriting styles. But there are other symbols also associated with Virgo that you might also be interested in.

Mercury is your ruling planet & once again, the glyph for this planet is very decorative.

Animals associated with Virgo are cats & dogs. Color associations are green and dark brown. The flower of Virgo is the buttercup. So you could incorporate, some or all of these with the glyph or 'Virgo' name.

These are just a few options, but being a Virgo, looking for Virgo tattoo designs, I'm sure that you won't be able to just take my word for it, you'll have to do the research for yourself.

All I advise is that you choose an online tattoo gallery site that offers the widest choice possible, so that you're not disappointed or palmed off with a design that everyone's having. Like, I said at the beginning Virgo tattoo designs are far and few between, so be kind to yourself and choose the best.