Tattoos Fish Designs

There are numerous tattoo fish designs to choose from and each one can represent something different to the individual from the age old fish symbol for Christianity to the fearsome shark tattoo.

The Koi fish tattoos are very popular right now. The Koi represents strength and courage and the ability to overcome life's difficulties. They are also symbols of luck and beauty. The Asian countries especially are attracted to the Koi, which is Japanese for carp, as they enjoy the symbolism of power and strength. The stories and myths related to the Koi are largely founded in China, Japan, and other Asian countries.

There are many other fish tattoos such as the gold fish, turtles, clown fish, seahorses, etc. A lot of people think dolphins are fish but actually they are mammals. But they still make a great tattoo as they are fun and very popular. The clown fish is whimsical and colorful and will make you stand out from the crowd. And who doesn't love seahorses? The ideas are endless for fish loving people.

One other really popular fish is the shark, noted for it's pure shock value. These tattoo designs usually highlight the big dorsal fin and big, sharp teeth. Some people like to get the shark tattoos because it will show them as being mean and not to be messed with, and also strong, which relates to their personality. Some people believe wearing a shark tattoo will keep them protected from real sharks. (But don't try this!)

Most tattoo designs are chosen to make a statement about the person wearing one. The tattoo design fish art can let you express your own individuality and quirks. Maybe you're the gold fish type, or a turtle type.

The fish tattoos can be in a variety of tattoo styles including the tribal and Celtic. The Celtic knots work well for the fish tattoos, especially when surrounded by a Celtic border.

Whatever your favorite fish is, there is a tattoo out there for you. If you don't see one that you like, you can ask the tattoo designer to create one just for you. This way you will have one that no one else has. That is one way to definitely be individual.