Shark Tattoos

Shark tattoos have long been seen as the artistic expression of bravery, and an emblem for protection. The predatory nature of the shark makes it the perfect symbol for fortitude and a toughness of spirit. Many sailors wore shark tattoos to show their fearlessness towards the often menacing temper of the sea. This general emotion, alongside the sleek body and intimidating appearance that these creatures are known for, make this tattoo a unique and interesting piece.

When considering shark tattoos, it is interesting to know the varieties of shark available for your use. Two of the most favored are the great white (known for its enormous size and voracious appetite), and the hammerhead shark (not as commonly known for any particular viciousness, it is popular mainly due to its otherworldly, almost alien-like appearance). Although you may choose to use these very recognizable types, you may also go for a more unfamiliar variety of shark. One good example of this is the cookiecutter shark (also known as the cigar, or luminous shark). This creature, like the hammerhead, seems almost supernatural, and would make for a very different piece of art. They are relatively small in size, sport green pupils, a perfectly rounded and prominent lower jaw with sharp teeth, and an underbelly that glows with a blue and green luminescence.

Shark tattoos, though not a popular design element, is a striking representation of one of the most fearsome animals known to man. As a matter of fact, in Western cultures, the shark is viewed as the world’s greatest predator, and the shark tattoo a symbol of power and fearlessness. It’s been a long tradition among sailors to have a shark tattoo as proof you are not afraid of death at sea – and for protection. Western sailors, always a superstitious lot, regarded the shark as a kind of sea vulture, sniffing out imminent death and hanging around boats, waiting for a meal. Sharks are nothing less then automated feeding machines, swimming the great depths and devouring prey. The shark has even made it into mainstream culture appearing in horror movies such as Jaws and Deep Blue Sea and even in animated movies made for kids such as Shark Tale. Regardless of whether you want a shark tattoo that’s realistic, scary or even cute then their is your perfect design just waiting for you in thousands of pieces of flash. Or if you prefer, get a shark tattoo especially designed just for you. Your favorite tattoo parlor will be more then happy to work a design out with you.

There are many original ideas that can be used in shark tattoos. Regardless, though, of how you decide to depict these fierce and fearsome creatures, they will always remain a symbol of a strong and predatory nature.