Seahorse Tattoos Designs

There is nothing quite like a tattoo, and a seahorse tattoo design is especially interesting. Aquatic themes in tattoo designs are extremely popular. Examples of sea life, such as fish, dolphins, whales and seahorses have been becoming increasingly popular. Such tattoos can symbolize many things, including fertility.

Whale and dolphin tattoos have long been a staple of life among sailors. Something about such creatures lends itself to mystery and legend. Mankind has always had a fascination with the sea. Although whale and dolphin tattoo designs are fairly popular, seahorse tattoo designs rank fairly high on the popularity list as well.

Seahorse tattoo designs can be very eye catching and attention grabbing. They are also unlikely to cause any sort of embarrassment or controversy, unlike some tattoos. It may be an excellent choice for you, especially if you want a socially acceptable tattoo on an easily visible part of your body. If you are considering getting a cool seahorse tattoo to flash for your friends, family or coworkers, or just for your own personal enjoyment, it might be a good idea to know the symbolism behind the idea first, though.

Among women, the seahorse tattoo design is often considered to be a cute emblem. They are small and pretty and seem perfect to make a woman feel more feminine and sexy. Also, a lot of people, when they see a seahorse tattoo design, think of a knight in shining armor on a horse. Many women dream of such fairy tales as having to be rescued in such a way. Therefore, the seahorse tattoo design is sometimes used to indicate a single woman who is looking for her prince or knight still. Of course, should the woman find her prince, she still will have the seahorse tattoo for years to come.

A seahorse tattoo design can be fairly small. Many women, especially, like it because it can be placed anywhere on their body and easily hidden. It is often considered a good tattoo for someone who is a bit of a free spirit. After all, seahorses swim free in the ocean, without a care. If you feel a bit constrained by modern society, but you are afraid to actively spread your wings, a small seahorse tattoo might be a good somewhat rebellious compromise.

Men who sport a seahorse tattoo design often do so to represent their protectiveness. It is often a symbol worn by a man who either is a father or is considered to be a fatherly guide in someone's life. This may stem from the fact that male seahorses, not females, protect the babies.

Some people choose to get a seahorse tattoo design simply to represent the fact that they love the water. Whatever your reason is for getting one, you will be sure to enjoy having a seahorse tattoo design to flash to friends and family in years to come.