Door Lion tattoo design

arm tattoo design, lion, door knockerThis free tattoo design is a door knocker, which is an item of door furniture that allows people outside a house to alert those inside to their presence. A door knocker has a part fixed to the door, and a part (usually metal) attached to it by a hinge that may be lifted and used to strike a plate fitted to the door, or the door itself, making a noise. The struck plate, if present, would be supplied and fitted with the knocker. Such as this one.

Butterfly tattoo design

butterfly tattoo designAnother butterfly tattoo - this one is colorful.

Back tattoo design

back tattoo, dragon tattoo, free tattoo designsThis free tattoo design contains a character with two faces - very similar to traditional Chinese dragons.

Angel Tattoo design

Angel Tattoo designThese are actually just two wings of an angel. The artist give this tattoo a low relief effect, or a bas-relief in French, which is derived from the Italian basso rilievo) or low relief is where the overall depth of a projecting image is shallow. The background is very compressed or completely flat, as on most coins, on which all images are in low-relief.

Demon tattoo design

demon tattoo design, demon with wings, back tattoo design, snakeThis tattoo design is like something from comic books. A demon with two wings, a naked girl, and a snake or just the tail?

Cat tattoo design

cat free tattoo designThis cat free tattoo design is so exquisite - more like a statue, the shadow, the shape, the lines, looking really beautiful.

Grandma tattoo design

back tattoo designThis guy must love his grandma so much to get her photo as a tattoo.

Buddha statue tattoo design

Buddha tattoo designA new tattoo from Andy Shou, as exquisite as usual. The halo and smoke around the Buddha strengthen the 3D effect.